Meeting Housing Needs

The process of identifying suitable land to be allocated for new housing in Wallingford has run over several years, involving many people from the area.

South Oxfordshire's Core Strategy was adopted in December 2012, with 'Site B' allocated as a new greenfield neighbourhood for 555 new homes.

Following an extensive process of community engagement that began back in 2009, St Edward Homes now wish to share their proposals for how housing could be developed on the site.

Our underlying aim is to enhance Wallingford whilst addressing community needs and identifying the services that might need improvement.

Green Living

We are passionate about sustainability - from the homes we build to the way in which we operate our business.

St Edward Homes has inherited a reputation for making vital, long term contributions to the social, economic and environmental fabric of the communities in which we work. Our developments bring with them the creation of jobs, new amenities and public spaces as well as commercial, retail and leisure opportunities. Combined, this approach ensures that we create attractive environments for people to live, work and relax, both today and in generations to come.

St Edward Homes also has a commitment to helping you live a greener life.

Please find below a brochure detailing our vision for your future.

Vision 2020 Brochure