Design Strategy

The scheme has been designed as a natural extension to Wallingford which will connect to and integrate with the town rather than exist as a freestanding neighbourhood. Links to the town, particularly by public transport and by footpath/cycleway, are important elements of the design, intended to encourage the use of existing services and facilities within the town and to promote the bustling High Street and arts and cultural programme.

The form of the proposed development has been primarily shaped by routes and open spaces, the optimum location and form of these then determining where built development can occur within the framework that they form. The masterplan is then developed as a pedestrian friendly, permeable layout that encourages walking and discourages the rapid movement of vehicles.


We aim to provide:

  • A place with its own character and identity, but one that becomes a fitting extension to Wallingford and is integrated into the existing town and helps it retain its character.
  • A viable and sustainable mix of uses and housing types supported by Extra Care and a single-form entry primary school.
  • Substantial landscaping throughout, including a generous swathe to the western edge, allowing space for various activities and enhances biodiversity across the site.
  • A neighbourhood which is walkable to existing town facilities and which minimises car use, through enhanced footpath and cycle ways.
  • A new vehicular entrance from the bypass which will run through the heart of the site.
  • Additional allotments, close to those already located on the Southern boundary.
  • Investment in public transport and to key road junctions.
  • Avoidance of any perceived coalescence with the settlement of Slade End / Brightwell-cum-Sotwell.