Community Involvement

The Site B community engagement process has been wide ranging, accessible and transparent throughout, and participants have been able to make contact with the design team easily and access information through the John Thompson & Partners' website.
The key themes that have emerged through the process, including the character of Wallingford, the quality of the environment, benefits to Wallingford, infrastructure needs and aspirations, traffic and vehicular movement and preserving the separation with Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, have informed the design and layout of Site B.

Pre-Application Planning Exhibition

20th and 21st July 2013

Around 250 people attended the Pre-Application Exhibition at Wallingford Town Hall to view the proposals for 550 homes on Site B. 

The exhibition was open to everyone and provided an opportunity to view the submitted proposals and leave comments. The design team was on hand to talk through the proposals.

Pre-Application Planning Exhibition Boards

Wallingford Town Council Exhibition

8th April 2013

The team gave a brief presentation followed by a questions and answer session on the early thinking regarding the Land to the West of Wallingford (Site B) following the formal allocation of the site in SODC's Core Strategy.

Wallingford Town Council Presentation

Application Planning Exhibition

12th may 2011

Around 150 people attended the Planning Application Exhibition at Wallingford Methodist Church Centre on 12 May to view the submitted proposals for 400 homes for the Slade End Farm (Site B).

Exhibition Boards - May 2011 Part 1

Exhibition Boards - May 2011 Part 2

Planning Application

15th April 2011

A planning application for 400 homes and other uses has been submitted for the Slade End Farm (Site B) on behalf of PRUPIM.

Planning Application - April 2011

Public Exhibition

18th October 2010

An exhibition was held at the Wallingford Town Hall from 4pm - 8pm on Tuesday 18 October for local residents to be able to view the proposals for development.

Public Exhibition - October 2010

Community Planning Day

11th July 2009

A Community Planning Day was held in July 2009. The event was an opportunity for local people to share their hopes and fears relating to the future growth of Wallingford. The second part of the day included a series of workshops where attendees were given the opportunity to work with the design team in expressing ideas for the enhancement of Wallingford and its existing residents and businesses. The team took these ideas away, and used them to develop initial proposals for Slade End Farm. These were first presented at a Report Back on 28th July 2009, and at a subsequent public exhibition on 15th September 2009 at The Regal Centre, Wallingford.

Community Planning Exhibition